Powermatic PM1000 Hybrid Table Saw

The Powermatic PM1000 hybrid table saw comes in second place, and it is right up there with the previously mentioned product, no doubt. Let us highlight its good sides first.

One of the things that we liked about this machine is just how well it fits into your work setup, either at home or your work area, and it does this without any issues. It is well designed and compact.

This saw is popular for its incredible durability and its level of accuracy that would take the quality of your work to the next level. This hybrid table saw has a 50-inch fence that gives you enough space to work with comfortably.

The power requirement of this machine is 115 V, and this makes it one of the most power efficient saws available on the market. Its dust collection is maximized by using a collection hose that gives you an unblocked path so the dust can effectively reach the collection port.

The design of this hybrid table saw lays emphasis on its safety with the easy-to-use independent side leaves and the guard that can be assembled without the use of any other tools.

This is a good machine that gives the best value for your money.



  • It has an adjustable miter gauge.
  • It does not consume too much power.
  • Its dust collection is maximized.
  • It has an arbor lock feature.



  • The blade guard mounting bolts usually makes contact with the blades.



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