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best tennis ball machine

It is without a doubt that the sport of tennis is one interesting game.  And with the best tennis ball machine at your disposal, you can work on improving your game 24/7.  If you don’t have a partner available to practice with, then, working on your tennis skills with a tennis ball machine can drastically enhance your skills.

Let’s read on about the different types of tennis machines on the market and how they work to refine your game.

Best Tennis Ball Machine Quick Chart

You probably already know that getting a tennis ball machine is certainly not going to come cheap.  If you’re on a tight budget, then we will advise that you look for one that fits your current budget. And, of course, you may still need to do some extra research to find out which tennis ball machine will suit your needs.

Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews – Entry level, mid-range and high-end options

This article has been made to help you find that tennis ball machine that will help you get better at the game of tennis, and, hopefully, you find something that is within your budget range

Lobster Tennis Ball MachineSports Elite Grand V Limited Edition 


On this list of the best tennis machines, this Lobster Tennis Ball machine seems to be one of the most technologically advanced. The Lobster Sports Grand V lets your shots, your spin, feed rate, and shot positions be pre-programmed by you so that you will be able to turn your weakest swings into your strengths in no time.  Use this machine regularly and you will see results.

best tennis ball machine lobster

The features that come with this machine are enough to help you become a better tennis player, helping you to know what your weak points are and just how you can work on getting better at them.

The Grand Slam tennis ball machine can simulate a real tennis match with an actual player with the help of the full random oscillation with variations in both speed and spin. This machine is portable and in a league of its own.  With its unique features, it’s definitely the best tennis ball machine on the market.

The Lobster Grand V also comes with 12 pre programmed drills. With these drills come some familiar tennis play styles like the grinder, the power baseliner, all courter, forehand plus, transition, and so on.  Recording ball speeds of up to 80 mph, the Lobster Sports Elite 5 if the fastest tennis ball machine on the market.

With this machine, you will be able to decide in what game style your opponent uses.  You can copy your competitors style so that you can practice and master their style.

There is a control panel that will let you customize your practice games by pre-programming 18 shot positions with the different speed and spin without you having to use the old dials.

With this control panel made available on the machine, it makes use of several touch buttons with an LCD screen.  You’ll find that this machine is very player friendly.

With the remote that works wirelessly, you will be able to change certain game functions like the speed spin and oscillation, or you might just even choose to put the game on pause in case you want to turn your attention to something else.


  • It comes with an oscillation function that is random.
  • 18 pre programmed shot positions
  • It lasts long for game plays.

Lobster Sports Elite IV Tennis Ball Machine

This Elite IV tennis ball machine comes with 6 pre-programmed practice drills.  These practice drills provide the best game simulation when you are on the court. The most common simulation drills that this machine comes with are the grinder, lefty and splicer, and the power baseliner.

best tennis ball machine lobster

With this machine, you will be able to get a blend of trajectory and spin. This machine comes fitted with a digital control panel that has a 2 year warranty.

For the machine’s battery, you will not be disappointed.  It’s fast charging. If you are unsatisfied with the battery charging, you can always choose to get the Lobster fast charger that will make sure that your game is not interrupted.

You get different speed and spin choices with this machine. This is not a really expensive or an equally cheap machine, this is one machine that falls in between both price ranges. With this machine and its pre-programmed drill features, you will be able to get it to shoot the balls in any angle that you choose.

One other cool thing about it is that it is very portable, and this means that you will be able to move it around the court.

The digitalizing of this machine makes it very easy to use, and it can be controlled using a wireless remote (which costs extra).

This machine is not exactly friendly to beginners, it’s perfect for intermediate and advanced players. Another downside to this machine is that you would need to pay to get the remote control for this machine as it does not come attached with the machine.


  • It comes with fast charging.
  • It has extra functions and accessories.
  • Has 6 pre programmed drill modes

Lobster Sports Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine

This machine gives you the random horizontal oscillation and vertical oscillation feature. With this machine’s one-touch system, you will be able to put the balls on either side of the court. With the vertical oscillation function of this machine, you will be able to choose from a range of options, and with these options come higher challenges.

You will find it very easy to move this machine around the court because it is very lightweight. Lifting it into the trunk of your car will not be something that you will find very hard to do.

best tennis ball machine lobster tennis ball machine

This Lobster Tennis ball machine gives you two other interesting options, and they are the elevation and spin functions that are quite common with tennis ball machines.  With these functions, you’re able to get the feeling of playing against real opponents, helping to make you a better skilled tennis player.

One way for you to enjoy this machine to the fullest is to make use of its top spin feature on almost 70 percent of your practice. This will make it feel like you have a real player there with you on the court.

This machine has great player friendly features that can help the player improve their shot with every challenge that it throws at them. The battery life of this machine is impressive allowing you to play for as long as you want.


  • It comes with various functions with a very easy to use operation.
  • It has a good battery.
  • It is beginner friendly.
  • Remote Controlled


Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine

best tennis ball machine spinshot tennis ball machine

The Spinshot player tennis ball machine is an exceptional machine that is proven to be long-lasting.  It’s quite portable and made with high-quality material that gives it its sturdiness. It comes with a very special option of either making use of the battery to power it or making use of its AC system for its powering.

The fact that this option is added is a nice touch because most players of tennis that make use of the tennis ball machines usually are given only one choice to power the system. This machine comes with a full-court oscillation shot that lets you control the machine with the use of your smartphone.

Being able to use this machine with the use of wireless technology is one great feature. And the app that you can use to control the machine is called the DrillMaker.

Another thing is, you do not have to pay for the app as it is free. You have the choice of choosing 12 different pre-programmed drills that will help to improve your tennis game.

Do you want to get better at your game? Well, look no further as this machine is there to help you with that.


  • It is made with very durable materials.
  • It is very portable.
  • Its speed range is 18 to 68 mph.
  • It is not hard to set it up.
  • 12 pre programmed modes
  • AC or battery power

Lobster Sports Elite 1 Tennis Ball Machine

The Lobster sports elite tennis machine is a bit higher on the price side of things than some others on this list.  What you get is one great machine for those who are just starting out in the game of tennis. It has some really cool features that will help you make you a better tennis player.

best tennis ball machine

This machine is battery operated and only weighs 35 pounds.  This weight makes this machine one of the lightest on the market. Because of the fact that it is lightweight, this machine can easily go anywhere with you. With just one full charge, this machine will work for 2 to 4 hours.

This machine can also work with the AC features.  To make use of the AC power, you would need to use a very long extension cord.

With this machine’s portability and compact nature, you will be able to easily fit this machine in your car without any hassle.  The fact that it’s lightweight will make this even easier. With its very big wheels, you will be able to wheel it around the court easily.

As a beginner, this is something that would really work well for you. You can be assured that this is a machine that you will be using for a very long time because of how well it’s designed.  With its many shot variations, this machine will sure give you the intense practice that you’re looking for.

One downside to this machine is with its handle, they are not as elegant as you would want them to be. But, in all, this is a good machine.

The Pros

  • It is long-lasting.
  • It can be operated using a remote control.
  • It comes at a relatively affordable price.

Isam Value Tennis Ball Machine: Best Tennis Ball Machine Under 1000

isam best tennis ball machine under 1000

We have been talking about machines that will effectively give you that challenge that you are looking for to help improve your tennis playing skills.  A tennis ball machine that is great for intermediate or professional players.  The Isam Value Tennis machine is one that hones your skill and challenges you on three levels: beginner, intermediate and professional.

The Isam tennis machine is the best tennis ball machine under 1000.  Even at such an affordable price has all the features that you would need to hone your skill as a tennis player, giving you great spin control. This cheap tennis ball machine helps you not only to practice, it sure does a lot more than that. Professional players who make use this machine have testified to its excellent performance with lots of interesting features.

There are lots of choices for you to choose from. We have the machine that is operated using a battery, and the other one is powered by electric or the use of an AC function. The battery can last for as long as 2 to 4 hours, and this is determined by how you use it.

If, while you are playing your game of tennis your battery happens to get drained, you should know that there is always the AC adapter that you can fall back on to make sure that you carry on with playing your game.

The one sad thing with this machine is the fact that it comes with a spin feature, but you are not given the choice of control over it.

One very nice thing about this machine, especially if you will be moving it around on the tennis court is the machine’s weight, it weighs just 29 lbs. and 25 lbs. (this weight is only for its electric model). It has a very impressive speed range that you will find is more than many machines on the market today. It can go as high as 60 mph from the speed of 15 mph.

This cheap tennis ball machine can accommodate over 250 tennis balls, which is more than what many machines are able to handle.


  • This is a machine that is not hard to use.
  • It is very beginner friendly.
  • It gives you value for your money.
  • It is a sure way to improve your tennis playing skills.

Match Mate Rookie Review: Cheap Tennis Ball Machine

This is another tennis ball machine on our list of best tennis ball machines that is also very good for beginners. One thing that makes this model unique is the fact that it gives you the option of delaying the ball. There is also the triple threat and ball speed that has a range of 10 mph, this is only its starting speed, of course, it can go as high as 27 mph.

cheap tennis ball machine match mate rookie review

Since the Match Mate Rookie has a spin that reaches as high as 27 mph, this machine will sure help you to develop your skill and give you a very strong defense. When it comes to this tennis ball machine battery, a charge can last up to 5 hours.

But once this machine is well charged, then you can use it to play as many games as you want (and for as long as it can stay on).

This machine’s design is made to last.  With its urethane wheels and outer shell that is made from aluminum, you can be assured of the strength of this tennis ball machine.  The parts inside the Rookie ball machine are either aluminum or steel, increasing its durability.

The weight? It only weighs 22 lbs. and with this lightness, you will be able to move it around with ease around the court.


  • The balls that it shoots can go as far as 50ft of distance.
  • It is made with aluminum and steel both inside and out.
  • It has a speed of 30 mph.
  • Weighs only 22 lbs
  • Aluminum and steel cosntruction

Tennis Ball Machine Buyers Guide

How to choose a tennis ball machine?


As obvious as this is we still have to talk about it because this is one of the most important factors for you to consider when you plan on getting your tennis ball machine. One thing is for sure, the more expensive a product is, the higher its quality will be, and this is also true for tennis machines.

So, this is somewhat like you get what you pay for, and therefore, this is something that you would need to put a lot of thought into before you proceed to make any payments.

Its Portability

When you find a machine that comes with a battery that is big and it also has some extra parts on it, there is no doubt that machine will be on the big side.

And with tennis ball machines, you would, from time to time, have to move them from one spot to the other, because they are not static.  You will want to look for a machine that has some level of portability to it.  Wheels are a plus.

And if you are someone who would have to take his or her tennis ball machine from home to the court in a car, then you certainly would want to invest in something less heavy.

Power Source

You need to think about where you’ll be practicing your game.  Will there be a wall outlet to plug into nearby?  Do you have an extension cord long enough to plug in an AC powered tennis ball machine?  Do you have to move your machine around so much that AC power is too much hassle?  What about taking the time to remember to charge your battery?


We have yet to find a tennis ball machine that comes with a waterproof feature, but of course, your machine will still face certain factors like the wind, dirt, and so on. And, for this reason, you will want to get a machine that will be able to withstand these elements. You would want to get a machine that is made from materials that are built to last. In doing so, you are making certain that your tennis machine will last you a very long time.

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Variable Shot Selection

When you have a real-life challenger with you on the court, there is no way that that player, no matter how many times you play together, will hit the ball in the same way, that will certainly be boring, and non-challenging.

This is something that you want to make sure to look out for in your tennis ball machine. The machine should be able to spice things up and not repeat actions over and over, making you only master a particular shot, not giving you the chance to expand your skill.

A big selection of pre programmed modes, spin options, and speeds will challenge you and improve your game.