Best Neck Traction Device

best neck traction device

If you suffer from a compressed neck, the best neck traction device can provide you with relief.  With many options to choose from, you can do manual neck traction at home within your budget. 

Read on to learn about the top DIY neck traction devices on the market and pick the right one for you today. 

Best Neck Traction Devices Quick Chart 

Best Neck Traction Devices 

Home traction units for the neck don’t have to be super expensive or hard to use at all.  DIY neck compression can be done in the comfort of your own home without having to pay for a ton of appointments with your Doctor, Chiro, or Physiotherapist.  With one of the best neck alignment devices on the market below, you can start on your journey to a pain free neck and a better quality of life. 

Our Favorite Neck Traction Devices  

Our Top Picks
Neck Hammock – Most Popular

ComforTrac – Premium Model

Pronex Portable – Premium Model

DDS MAX Collar – Premium Model

DMI Cervical Neck Traction – Best Over the Door Device

BranFit Inflatable Collar – Best Inflatable Device 

DIY neck traction has never been so easy!  The Neck Hammock was created by a Dr. Sudell, a licensed physical therapist.  Manual neck traction at home and away on vacation is possible with the design of the Neck Hammock.  It’s got our vote as one of the best portable traction devices for necks.  This neck support device easily attaches onto any door handle for fast set up. 

If you can’t get out to go to the doctor, chiro or your therapist or maybe you’re strapped for cash for an appointment, you can use your neck hammock instead and give yourself relief for a fraction of the cost of regular medical appointments.

Your going to love how easy this model is to to use every day.  It’s so small and portable it fits into a small bag that you go put into your purse or backpack and take with you anywhere.

The straps fit around most objects including doors, railings and poles.  The Neck Hammock is perfect to help with pain associated with disks, nerve pain, tight muscles, muscle spasms and brings blood flow and oxygen to your cervical spine.  I love to use mine after a tough shoulder or back workout to relieve any tension.  It’s also great for just general decompression due to the type of work you do.

For some people, the reduction in pain has lead to better and deeper sleep at night and an overall improvement in their pain levels.  The Neck Hammock can increase your neck mobility (range of motion) and reduce your need to use drugs for your pain.

Neck Hammock Pros and Cons

PortableStraps aren't super strong
Easy to UseSqueezes Ears a bit
Quick Set UpNot enough pressure taken off neck and spine

Neck Hammock Instructions: How to Video

Take a quick look at the video below to see for yourself just how easy it is to use a Neck Hammock.


Premium Model: ComforTrac

best neck traction device comfortrac

This premium neck relaxer device from ComfortTrac is a patented natural pain reliever for many things including bulging or herniated disks, nerve paint, disk disease, etc.  You are able to use up to 50 pounds of force to perform DIY neck traction.

3 different traction angles are available: 10, 15 and 20 degrees so that anyone that uses the ComforTrac is comfortable.  Once you’ve gotten the OK from your Doctor, you can use the professional level machine at home, relieve your pain, and possibly reduce your use of pain drugs.

The neck cradle where you place your head and neck contours to your body providing a nice custom fit that secures your neck and shoulders for the best DIY neck compression.

ComforTrac Pros and Cons

Quality BuildNot easy to set up
Adjustable AngleInstructions Lacking
3 year warrantyHard to find right width adjustment for base of head


How to use Your ComforTrac at Home Video

Check out the short video below for a walk through on how to set up and use your ComforTrac.


Premium Model: Pronex Portable

best neck traction pronex portable

Enter the Pronex.  This highly recommended unit is one of the best neck traction devices out there.  Using the Pronex Portable means that you can reduce your pain and maybe even eliminate it all together.  It provides gentle traction of up to 35 lbs by using an air pump system that is in your full control.  As you pump this unit, it expands the black bellows to apply traction pressure to your neck.

The design lets you use it on hard surfaces like your floor and on soft surfaces like a couch or sofa for ultimate relaxation of your cervical spine.  It’s fast to set up and basically fool proof.  The lateral flexion wedge supports your neck while using the Pronex.

There are no cables, pulleys, or harnesses to set up.  It comes in different sizes for women, men and even folks with larger necks and wide shoulders with sizes ranging from 14 to 18 inches in circumference.  Measure yourself with a measuring tape before ordering your Pronex to make sure you get the perfect fit for you.

Pronex Pros and Cons

Quality BuildNot very portable
Gentle Traction up to 35 lbsPinches Larger Heads
1 year warrantyRubber hose may come out


How to Use Your Pronex Portable Neck Decompression Device Video

Here is a short video to guide you through the set up and use of a Pronex Portable Neck Traction Device.


Best Neck Brace Stretcher: Premium Model 

best neck traction device neck brace stretcher

This pump up traction collar from DDS MAX offers the ability to sit, stand, or move around while performing traction on your neck.  One size fits most because its available in 13 to 16.5 inch neck circumference.  The Easy Twist air valve lets you deflate the unit slowly after use.  The DDS MAX collar is secured together with strong velcro straps that hold it in place while you wear it.

The included air gauge is good quality, precise and easy to read while the soft lining is gentle against your skin.  They believe in their product and offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you don’t experience relief from your neck pain.


DDS Max Pros and Cons

Easy Twist Air valveVelcro could be stickier
Slow DeflationMust sit/stand when using
One size fits mostPressure on the Chin/Jaw


How Does the DDS MAX Work: Video

Here is a short video to guide you through how the DDS Max is worn and used to help you do manual traction at home.


Best Over the Door Neck Traction Device 

Best Over the Door Neck Traction Device 

One of the best manual therapy techniques for neck pain is neck traction.  The best over the door neck traction device uses water to apply up to 20 pounds of cervical traction weight to your head and neck.  This over the door traction device is affordable and recommended by medical professionals.   

The water bag has clearly marked lines for how much water equals how much weight.  Since this unit can go up to 20 lbs, it’s considered a gentle traction device.  Some people might find that the weight isn’t enough traction to relieve their pain and should look for the best neck traction unit with more force like the ComforTrac or the Pronex.

No other cervical machine works in quite the same way.  When we first tried it we were surprised at how well this neck stretcher for doors worked at decompressing our neck.   It does take some practice to learn how to set it up yourself.  If you need traction on a budget, you’ll have to sacrifice easy set up with an over the door traction unit.

Over the Door Traction Pros and Cons

Easy to assembleHarder to set up than most
Gentle Traction up to 20 lbsHoles in bag a weak point
Padded Head PieceConfusing to get neck piece on right


Using an Over the Door Traction Device: Video

Here is a short video to guide you through how an over the door traction device is worn to help you DIY neck traction.


Best Inflatable Cervical Neck Traction Device: Budget Friendly

best neck traction device inflatable collar

One of the most affordable ways to decompress your neck is to use an inflatable collar for neck pain.  The best inflatable cervical neck traction device we love is this Adjustable Collar for neck pain.   Save a few bucks and grab the DIY neck traction device that is budget friendly and portable. 

We own one ourselves and love its portability.  We can use it anywhere at anytime.  Even used it in the car on long drives and at my desk in the office.   

The inflatable collar itself is made of a smooth, soft material that feels nice and not like plastic against your skin.  It attaches together with 2 tough Velcro straps.  The tubing from the collar to the hand pump is high quality with a valve that allows you to adjust the pressure.   

Because this unit pushes against your jaw, if you have jaw problems like TMJ you might want to consider a ComforTrac, Pronex or a neck hammock instead to avoid making your jaw any worse.  An inflatable collar is great, because it adjusts to many neck sizes.  The Velcro straps that secure the collar in place are long enough to accommodate people with larger necks. 

Inflatable Collar Pros and Cons

PortablePushes against jaw
Adjusts to many neck sizesCould Get a hole in it
Budget FriendlyHave to sit/stand up to use

Best Neck Traction Device Buyer’s Guide 


How can you decompress your neck? 

You can decompress your neck with a cervical traction device.  Cervical traction relieves pressure on the bones, joints and nerves in the neck by gently lengthening the neck. 

These devices are proven to work and are successful in reducing your pain and suffering from many problems.  Neck traction tools are diverse and you can use everything from inflatable collars for neck pain to over the door neck traction devices.   

How Do I pick the Best Neck Traction Device for Me? 

Picking the best neck traction device depends on the pain that you’re treating.  Some neck issues can become worse with neck traction.  The first step in picking the best device for you is to talk to your doctor. 

If being able to use your neck traction unit anytime and anywhere is important, you will want to look for a portable unit.  Something that is small, light, compact and can be used anywhere, even in a hotel room.  A pump type unit or a neck hammock would work well for you. 

If you need something to hold your neck in place while it stretches it, a collar style decompression device might be for you.  They are less portable than a pump or hammock style traction device though. 

An over the door traction unit is perfect if you just plan on using it at home because it attaches directly to a door.  Because of all the parts, we wouldn’t call it super portable. 

What is traction therapy? 

Traction therapy is when an external device is worn on the neck and it’s used to stretch muscles, reduce pressure and create space in the cervical spine (your neck).  It works to separate the bones in your neck, or vertebrae, which increases blood flow into the area. 

Do neck traction devices really work? 

Over time, neck traction should reduce your pain.  The space is creates between the vertebrae increases blood flow to the area and relieves pressure on the bones and nerves in the head and neck.  These devices are recommended by Doctors, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists as an alternative to medication for relieving neck pain.  The right traction device for you can make a huge difference in how you work and play. 

How can I traction my neck at home? 

Using traction at home can be accomplished with any of the best neck traction devices we reviewed above, after seeking your doctor’s advice of course. 

Neck Traction Benefits 

There are many neck traction benefits that we’ve mentioned, but here is a quick summary: 

  • stretches muscles 
  • relieves pinched nerves 
  • increases blood flow
  • improves posture
  • relieves spasms
  • helps with herniated disks, bulging disks, degenerative disk disease and compression 

Does neck traction help a pinched nerve? 

Pinched nerves are caused by pressure on the muscles and nerves.  Then the nerve becomes overactive and sends pain signals to the brain.  If you don’t deal with this and relieve that pressure, your body and brain will be trained to always send those signals and the vicious chronic pain cycle begins. 

Neck traction helps pinched nerves in the neck by stretching muscles, creating space between vertebrae, and increasing blood flow to the area.  When treating a pinched nerve, cervical traction is something to use on a regular basis to improve your quality of life.   

How long should you wear a neck traction device? 

Each traction device has a different recommendation for the amount of time you should wear it.  Also, your doctor can give you a traction schedule to follow that will gradually reduce your pain.  One day, you might not even have to use a traction device on your neck at all!   

With my pump traction device, I use in once every few days for 20 mins and some days, I use it if my neck feels tight or I feel a headache coming on. 

How often should you do cervical traction? 

How many times per week you use your cervical traction unit all depends on the source of your pain, how bad it is, and how frequently you’re in pain.  Your doctor, physio, or chiropractor will give you a recommendation based on your situation that will have you feeling better in no time. 

Can cervical traction hurt you? 

Is cervical traction harmful?  Cervical traction is relatively safe and recommended by many medical professionals.  But, you might have issues that could be made worse with neck traction.  So, yes, cervical traction could hurt you if you have a specific underlying issue.  Results do vary from person to person.  Always check with your doctor first before using neck traction to make sure it’s right for you. 


The best neck traction device will work to solve your pain, whether it’s from doing computer work all day, to being a nurse or teacher, to pinched nerves and headaches.  There is a device in each category and budget to stop your pain fast.