Best Hybrid Table Saws under $1000 – Reviews & Top Picks 2020

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best hybrid table saws

For many woodworkers, a good hybrid table saw takes priority in their workshop. It is indubitably the most important tool in any woodworker’s shop.

It does not matter whether you want to cut sheet goods, cut tensions, rip lumber, cut wood, clean up a face, or even make coving cut, your hybrid table saw can handle almost task thrown at it.

Best hybrid table saw models can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to more than 1000 dollars. So, if what you are looking for is a good hybrid table saw to take the top spot in your woodworking shop, you certainly would like to know which is the best hybrid table saw and which one is on the market that is sold for under 1000 dollars. Here is a review of the best hybrid saws you can invest in.

Best Hybrid Table Saw Quick Chart

Best Hybrid Table Saws Under 1000 on the Market– Review


Shop Fox W1837 Hybrid Table Saw – Top Pick

best hybrid table saw


The Shop Fox W1837 hybrid table saw is one of the best because of just how amazing it is.

It will cost you a bit under 1,000, but it sure provides you best deal for your money. As a hybrid table saw, it sits well between a cabinet saw and a contractor table saw. This model comes with a powerful 2 HP motor and a 10-inch blade.

The hybrid table saw’s blade tilts up to 45 degrees and it is best for cutting bevels, chamfers, and compound miter saws.

The main body of this hybrid table saw is an enclosed cabinet that has a 4-inch dust port that gives just the type of extraction and cleanliness that is usually associated with cabinet saws that are on the high end.

The safety features on this hybrid table saw is also best and it comes with an interchangeable riving knife that helps to reduce kickback. The knife is at blade height, meaning that you can make trenching or non-through cuts quite easily by removing the top blade guard.

When you work with the Shop Fox cabinet saw, it feels like you are working with a high-end model. A heavy duty cast iron table gives the needed stability, and the features of it put together makes it very easy to use.

The downside to this is its heavy duty cast iron table; because of the high cost of maintaining a flat table, there could be some unevenness present. And this unevenness that one might experience is not a too big problem, as it can be fixed with some fettling and a straight edge.


DEWALT DWE7491RS Hybrid Table Saw – The Runner-up


best hybrid table saw


DeWalt is a big name in the machine business, and they have best reputation in the tool world, and they have given us the DeWalt DWE7491RS. This hybrid table saw costs about half the price of the previously mentioned model, but it delivers on so many levels.

This model has the power of 32 ½ -inch rip capacity, which is quite incredible for a tool its size. It comes with a 15-Amp motor that gives lots of power and it also makes work easy when you are working on both soft and hardwoods. The motor can produce cuts up to 31/8 inches at a degree of 90, and 2 1/2 -inch rip capacity at 45 degrees.

This tool has a large work area that gives best support for large pieces. It also is the right balance between being portable and stable; it weighs 90 lbs., and it can be moved around your workshop or worksite quite easily, and when you are using it, it is a very sturdy and stable place for cutting.

Its safety features are also top-notch; it has a riving knife and a removable blade guard that feel safe and sturdy when you are using them.

There is an automatic brake system that provides you with total peace of mind and control over your tool. With its sturdy fence system that holds down securely, this model has a 2 ½-inch dust collector that helps to keep your work surface tidy and clean.

The major drawback to the tool is that it is a finely tuned hybrid table saw, and because of that, it requires constant maintenance and adjustments so it can give you the best results.

Bosch 10-Inch Worksite 4100-09 – Best Hybrid Table Saw For The Money


best hybrid table saw


The Bosch 10-inch 4100-09 model certainly lives up to its name. It is also one of the best hybrid table saw under 1000.  It is every bit of the high-quality German engineering that we are used to having, and it can do nearly every task that you throw at it.

This stable and sturdy hybrid table saw is powered by a 15-Amp motor that can give you up to 4 HP at an RPM of 3,650.

There are lots of best features that come with it, with its striking feature that is the smart guard system, this feature has a top blade guard, riving knife, and anti-kickback pawls that possess teeth that are used to grab a piece of wood and prevent kickback.

This hybrid table saw comes equipped with a 5/8-inch Arbor, and this Arbor can take a variety of blades like a dado stack that has the power to cut up to 13/16 inches. For more angled cuts, you will be able to tilt this machine’s blade between -2 and 47 degrees, and this covers almost all angles you can think of.

When we talk about rip cuts, the SquareLock rip fence is stable and secure, giving you a rip capacity of 25 inches.

It has a miter saw gauge that comes with the hybrid table saw is the only downside to this hybrid table saw because it does not feel solid, and it does have some play reducing accuracy and precision. If you decide to go for the Bosch, you will need to build a sled for crosscuts, or you would need to get an aftermarket miter gauge.

Rockwell RK7241S Hybrid Table Saw

best hybrid table saw

This model is the best budget option, as it gives you an impressive number of features for just a few hundred dollars. It comes fitted with a 10-Amp motor that gives the hybrid table saw enough power for most cuts, and it has a solid fence that holds down securely, providing a 30 inch of rip capacity. It is also one of the best hybrid table saw under 1000.

Its 10-inch blade can make up to 39/16-inch cuts at a degree of 90, and when the blade is beveled to 45 degrees, your cutting capacity is a substantial 29/16 inches. What is surprising is that, for a hybrid table saw of its price, it can handle dado blades, and the maximum dado width you can use is 7/16 inches. That is also one of its best features.

One of the best features of this cabinet table saw is the guide laser. The propriety technology enables you to make accurate cuts that are beyond any hybrid table saw that fall in its price range. The laser automatically adjusts when the blade is beveled so as to ensure that every cut is precise.

As it was said earlier, the laser gives some best accuracy. But that cannot be said for the rest of the hybrid table saw. There are various facets of this hybrid table saw that will need constant and regular adjustments so as to keep things accurate and square.

RIDGID R4512 Hybrid Table Saw


best hybrid table saw


The RIDGID R4512 model is a high-quality tool that gave the previously mentioned product a run for its money, even though it will cost a few dollars less. It is also one best hybrid saw that costs under 1000dollars. This Ridgid r4512 feels quite stable when you use it, and it is also sturdy, and it can perform almost every cut that you would ever need to make.

It comes with a 13-Amp motor that drives the blade at 3,450 RPM, meaning that this hybrid table saw has a lot of power.

Its blade guard is quite best, and it features a very effective anti-kickback mechanism. For more security, the guard is made transparent, making you see just what is happening during each cut that you make. The fence system on the hybrid table saw does quite well and it also locks down securely and it is parallel to the blade.

Working with the RIDGID model is quite comfortable; it is stable, and it has a large worktop that helps to give support to larger pieces. If you are wont to using different blades for your different cut, it comes with enough onboard storage that allows you keep everything you need from blades to wrenches, everything is kept within your easy reach.

It is not easy to assemble, there are many steps, and trying to assemble it would require some trial and error before you eventually get it right.It is as well one of the best hybrid table saws under 1000.

Our Top Pick

Shop Fox W1837

This hybrid table saw ticks every box that you would want in a hybrid table saw. It is large, robust, and accurate, and it can be used with either 120 V or 240 V, and although it is a bit heavy, it comes with castors making wheeling it around your shop very easy. It is actually one of the best hybrid table saws under 1000

When you use this hybrid table saw, it would feel like you are working with a professional cabinet saw that costs several thousand dollars. In every aspect, it gives the best quality, accuracy, and safety. It is a very sturdy that weighs over 200 lbs., and it can easily take center stage in your workshop.

This hybrid table saw is a monster of a hybrid table saw that delivers on every level.

This is one of the best hybrid tables saw for your money out there, and if you are looking to pick up anything similar to it, you should be looking to spend double or more of its price and it costs under 1000 dollars.

If you are looking for ultimate capabilities, you need not look any further because the hybrid table saw has best cutting power, dust extraction, and up-to-date well-designed safety features. It is really best that its name might need to reflect this. It is also one of the best hybrid table saws under 1000.


Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Hybrid Table Saw for You


Safety and hybrid table saw cannot be talked about enough since these hybrid table saws are responsible for most of the accidents in the workshop, and you risk serious injury without proper care and attention. There are two key safety features that each hybrid table saw you would be considered must have, and these features are the blade guard and a riving knife.

Blade Guard

The blade guard is found on top of the table and it encloses the blade when it is going through cuts. The guard should be strong, and it should not wobble, and it should also surround all the blade. The best guards also have a small dust extraction outlet for above table dust suction.

Riving Knife

The riving knife can be located behind the blade, and its main function is to prevent kickback. With the cabinet saws made today, the removable blade guards will attach to the top of the riving knife.

You would need to look for a knife that delivers at the same level as the top of the blade. Going for a model where the knife protracts over the top of the blade usually makes non-through cuts quite impossible to make. And what this does is that it leaves you in the dangerous position of having to remove a vital safety feature to make the trenching cut.

Anti-kickback pawls are quite best to have, and they are a modern invention that is being incorporated into more and more hybrid table saws. These are two sets of metal arms with teeth at the end that sit on the table attached to the back of the riving knife.

When a piece of wood passes, they lift up to allow it pass and then the teeth would drop back onto the wood. Should in case the back of the blade catches the wood to kick it back, then the teeth bite into the piece preventing kickback.


The Fence

Although the fence may not seem like a vital safety feature, but it is. You should make sure to look for a model that has a fence that can move smoothly along the rails, locks down securely in place, and, most importantly, that it stays parallel to the hybrid table saw blade.

If the fence locks down at an angle where the back of the fence is closer to the blade than it is to the front, it can cause serious safety issues. When ripping, the narrower gap that is found at the rear of the fence has the potential to cause the wood to move toward the spinning blade, and this can result in a significant risk of kickback.


Saw Table: Aluminum Vs Cast Iron

Many table saws usually come with either a heavy duty cast iron or an aluminum table. While the aluminum one is lighter than the cast iron, and it also means that the saw can be less heavy and easy to carry around, it is usually best that you go for cast iron in whatever situation.

The sheer weight and stability of the heavy duty cast iron tables give a robust and sturdy base to work on. When you are looking for the cheapest and best hybrid saw under 1000 models, those that are less than several thousands of dollars, there always seems to be slight faults with their table top.

A hybrid table saw that comes with uneven spots will create less than stellar results. You can fix this with a straight edge and flatten the surface manually.

One of the main downsides with the heavy duty cast iron tables is that they tend to be rougher than the aluminum ones, and what this means is that your workpieces won’t glide smoothly. You should constantly and regularly apply a layer of paste wax to your saw table and then buff it out so that it will create a smooth, frictionless surface.

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Powerful Motor

The power of the motor is very important; if your hybrid table saw does not have the power to drive the blade, then this could result in burning when rip cutting as well as several other safety issues if you stall the blade. But it is obvious that a blade with more power is better but look for a minimum of 2 HP in a hybrid table saw motor.

Miter Gauge

Almost every hybrid table saw on the market has a miter saw gauge, and in almost 90 percent of cases, you will end up having to change it so it can work, or you might throw it away and use a sled for crosscutting.

In a much realistic world, your miter saws gauge should fit in its track snuggly and should have the power to slide smoothly with no slop or wobble from side to side. Unfortunately, unless you are ready to spend more than 1000 dollars on a hybrid table saw, this would probably not be the case.

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