What To Look Out For In A Radar Detector

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So, what features usually make a Radar detector stand out, and what to look out for in a radar detector?

  • Budget: This is perhaps more than any other consideration, seeing as you will need to decide your budget before you start shopping. We have laid out a range of options in our list of best radar detectors guide, where models that give you change from a $50 bill all the way up to a premium model that costs around $400 to over $500.
  • Attachment: You would need to attach the model to your car. Some models are made to sit on the dashboard, we find that these models can be hard to properly see and hard to adjust. All the models are designed to attach to the windscreen through the suction cups. You should know that the size of your vehicle matters here, do not obstruct your view through a small windscreen with a huge detector.
  • Lasers: All the models listed in our radar detectors list are made to find radar speed detectors because they are by far the most common type that you will come across. Some of them are designed to work with laser detectors. It is worth knowing whether you want a model that does both since they will be generally expensive. Many police departments do not worry with laser detectors since they are more expensive and are harder to deploy.
  • 360-Degree Protection: This is one very useful feature that will give you protection from your vehicle being targeted from all different directions. If one model does not have a 360-degree protection, it will alert you only to upcoming speed traps – it gives you no alert as to what is coming from behind. Although, it might increase the cost of the model to have 360-degree protection. You should know that tinted glass will affect the ability of the radar detector.