The Horsepower and Design Of The Drive Belt In A Table Saw

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The motor plays a very important role in the power saw. It makes the difference between various models. The higher the horsepower of a saw motor is, the higher priced it will be. The motor HP marks out the capacity of a saw, too.  The horsepower and design of the drive belt in a table saw makes a big difference in your results.

Motor Power (Horsepower)

If you have a lower HP motor on your table saw and you want to make a cut on the thick piece of wood, it is possible that it won’t be able to cut it through.

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But, on the other hand, if you have a hulk like a powerful motor on the saw, this can lead you to a loss of accuracy. This begs the question, what is the suitable power for the hybrid table saw?

Here comes the problem.

A motor that comes with almost 2 HP is able to draw up to 24 amps and required 120 Volt. You can use this type of saw to cut 2-inch thick hardwood.

Another thing, the motor that is 5 HP requires a 240 – 250 Volt for operating, and this can take a 3-inch chunk of wood.

The Design of the Drive Belt

The table saw blade is attached to the motor with a drive belt. And the drive belt is the main part that produces vibration during operation.

But you can stabilize the saw easily by using a good quality drive belt. The regular saw comes in the market with the V-belt or wedge belt.

A poly V-belt is more preferred because it reduces vibration and to get an accurate, smooth cut. You need to remember one thing, and that is, that every hybrid table saw is not compatible to receive Poly V-belt.

Besides that, if you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to the drive belt for your hybrid table saw, you should get a serpentine belt because it can provide higher power than the rest of them.


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