The Blade Tilt And Riving Knife Of the Table Saw

All hybrid table saws are not built with the ability to tilt their blades. As a result, you cannot make miter cuts on them. You probably already have a solution to this presented problem, and that is the miter saw. But after you have invested so much on the table saw, it would be silly to have another type of saw for just having a miter cut.

But some table saw blades can be tilted as you wish.  Although, there are some limitations to this. Not all, as mentioned earlier, can be tilted both sides.

Let us say that you need to make miter cuts at the left side, and the blade can be moved only to the right side, you would need to rotate your workpiece so as to get the exact miter cuts. But if you have a saw with the ability to move its blade to both sides, then you would not need to move your workpiece.

Dust Management

Though most of the modern-day hybrid table saws feature dust collecting bags, there are some saws that, unfortunately don’t. and if you happen to chance upon these, it won’t be a good thing because the sawdust can damage your lungs and you can end up having asthma and cancer-like extreme diseases.


When you want to buy a product, the first thing you do is consider how much you have available to purchase that product. You should never over-budget for a saw, and you should not under-budget, either. Try to cut out your budget by having a good quality product that is useful to you. If you are a rookie, you should not go for the professional hybrid table saw. Buying this will cost you a lot more money. And if you are a professional, you should not buy a saw that is made for the entry-level user. Because if you do this, you would eventually end up getting a high-end saw.

Save yourself the stress and money and buy a saw that suits you perfectly.

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