Radar Detectors Quick Facts

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We all know that we should not speed, and most times, we do not. But every now and then we bend the rules – it could be by accident or by design – and the law of Murphy states that there will be a cop with a radar gun just placed right there to see us when we do.  Here are our top radar detector Quick Facts.

A radar detector is a great piece of kit that can supply us that little bit of extra protection just when we need it the most. But with so many products available on the market, it is usually hard to tell which one to buy.

In this article, we will be guiding you through how to go about getting one.

Prices vary across the board with these devices, with some starting at $50 for the budget model, premium models usually go as far up as $600 and most devices can be found somewhere in the middle – $350 usually is the average price.

Looking at that, one would agree that buying this device is quite an investment. But, just like with the many products that you will get for your car, you need to seriously look at the long-term here, too. The thing is, that traffic citations, especially ones that are related to speeding tickets, are big business for the cops. They give around 41 million tickets a year, and in a day, that is about 112, 000.

Tickets raise billions of dollars of revenue yearly. Police departments and local government are certainly not going to turn away from this revenue stream. So, if you do not want them in your account, the you would need to take steps to cut down on the chances of your getting a ticket.

Driving safely and obeying the speed limit is the easiest way to make sure you achieve this, and that is the method that we would suggest above all else. But, we know, that sometimes, mistakes happen, your speedometer needle could creep just the wrong side of the speed limit and you get a ticket.