Neck Traction Devices

neck traction devices
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Decompressing your cervical spine (or neck) at home is pretty cheap and easy.  It also doesn’t take much time out of your day to get yourself and your neck feeling great again.  Here are 5 of the best types of neck traction devices you can choose from to ease your pain.

How can I Traction my Neck at Home?

The most popular, and best neck traction units are below.   Most of these are great, because they’re compact and you can take them anywhere, even on vacation or to work.

  • Pump up: A cervical pump traction device is wrapped around your neck under your chin.  You then pump it up with air to decompress your neck. 
  • Hammock: A neck hammock is hung from your door knob usually.  You lay on the floor and place the hammock part under your head where your head joins your neck.  You relax into it and the weight of your head brings relief as it’s gently pulled. 
  • Collar: This is the typical collar you see car accident victims wearing on TV.  It holds your neck in place as it stretches out the muscles and decompresses the neck and spine. 
  • Cervical Traction Unit: This unit is specially designed to cradle your head and neck in a neutral position.  You lie on the ground with your neck on the curved part of the device.  Then you use a hand pump or a remote to make the unit longer until you feel your neck decompressing. 
  • Over the Door Traction Unit: Like the name says, this unit is attached to your head and then hooked onto your door.  A weight bag filled with water is used to apply weight and decompress your neck. 

Which Type of Neck Traction Device is Best For Decompression?

The best neck traction device for easing your pain should be discussed with your doctor.  This is because some types of neck pain can become worse if you use neck traction.  That being said, we’ve always preferred a pump up cervical pump traction device for decompressing our cervical area.  We found it to be effective for our nerve related pain because it helped relax our and stretch out muscles too.  It is also an affordable option that is super portable.  We use ours everywhere!


Neck traction devices can be use at home or on the go to provide you with relief and help to speed up the healing process.  Always consult a physician to make sure that your injury will be helped by using traction.