Neck Hammock Vs Posture Pump

neck hammock vs posture pump
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If you’re looking to decompress your neck, neck traction might be your best option.  There are many different devices available to suit everyone’s needs.  Two of the most popular are the neck hammock style and a posture pump.

So what are the pros and cons of using the neck hammock vs posture pump?  Read below to find out and pick the best choice for your health.

Neck Hammock Vs Posture Pump Quick Pros and Cons Chart

Relaxing Body PositionMore Expensive
No Pressure on JawNot as Easy to Use
One Size Fits AllNeed to Attach to Door or Pole

Neck Hammock Facts

neck hammock vs posture pump

Neck hammocks are a device for neck traction that looks just like a hammock that you lay in to relax.  It’s attached to a door knob, door handle or door jam to secure it.  You can take it anywhere with you and not miss out on the benefits that neck traction provides.  It works by pulling your head away from the neck.

This decompresses the neck, muscles and spine, sending more blood and oxygen to those areas.  It relieves pain and increases your mobility.  The Neck Hammock is budget friendly and will save you cash on trips to the physiotherapist and chiropractor.

Are Neck Hammocks Safe?

Before using any sort of medical device like a neck hammock, consult with your chiropractor, physiotherapist and/or family doctor to make sure that traction is the right treatment for your issues.  Not all illnesses will benefit from neck traction, in fact, it could make some issues worse.

The Neck hammock was developed by a licensed physical therapist named Dr. Sudell.  He created the Neck Hammock after spending more than 10 years helping folks like you with physical rehabilitation.

The Neck Hammock is perfectly safe to use if you need traction to provide you with relief from pain.  Always, follow your Doctors advice and the instructions that come with your device.

What is a Neck Hammock For?

A neck hammock provides traction to your cervical spine.  It treats issues like tight/stiff/sore muscles, degenerating discs, herniated or bulging discs, compressed neck, and tension.  People that work at computers all day, work out at the gym a ton, or have physically demanding jobs can benefit from using a neck hammock.

How Does the Neck Hammock Work?  How to Use a Neck Hammock

Using a neck hammock was designed to be simple so that anyone could use it anywhere to get the relief they need.  It’s so small and portable, you can take it anywhere with you.

Neck Hammock Vs Posture Pump Pros

Another popular traction device is a posture pump.  Seen here, you simply put it around your neck, secure it with velcro and then pump it up with air until you feel pulling on your neck.  Both the neck hammock and a posture pump are easy to use, affordable and portable.  But, what makes a neck hammock better than a posture pump?

  • More relaxing body position
  • No pressure on the chin and jaw
  • Good for people of all head and neck sizes

Body Position

When Using Your neck hammock, you lie down on the ground and place your neck in the hammock.  You can then close your eyes and put on the included sleep mask.  Laying down and closing your eyes ensures that you’re in the ultimate relaxed and de-stressed state when performing neck traction.

Jaw and Chin Pressure

A posture pump fits around your neck and you pump it up.  It forces your head away from your shoulder using air pressure.  But, the device uses your chin and jaw as the contact point to do they stretching.  This puts a bunch of pressure on your face and you can feel it in your jaw muscles and in your teeth as they are forced together.  This is not great for folks with TMJ.  If this is you, you should choose a neck hammock.  Check out the link below for some tips and tricks to eliminate your issue yourself!

One Size Fits All

Some folks have larger heads and neck than others.  This means that a neck hammock, which adapts to any size head would be a better device for you if you have a larger or thicker neck and head.  A posture pump is great if you’re no bigger than average size because once securely closed, the opening isn’t great for people with larger necks.

Neck Hammock Vs Posture Pump Cons

There are a few areas where a posture pump is better than a neck hammock for relieving pain.

  • More Affordable
  • Ease of Use

Budget Friendly

A posture pump costs less than half the price of a neck hammock.  For those of us on a budget who need traction to provide us with relief, this would be the better option

Easy to Use

A posture pump is placed round your neck while your sitting up.  You then secure it and pump it up until you feel a pull.  You don’t have to attach it to a door with a special strap like a neck hammock, which can inconvenience other people in your home.

You also don’t need a ton of space to use a posture pump.  With a neck hammock you need to put it on a specific part of your head and neck to use it.  With a posture pump, you can jump put it on and pump it up: it’s easy and fast to set up and use without special instructions or videos to get started.

How to Pick the Best Neck Device for You: Neck Hammock Vs Posture Pump

Which neck device is best for you really depends on what you’re looking for and your budget.  If you don’t feel comfortable attaching a traction unit to a door or pole and you’re on a budget, than the posture pump would be for you.

A neck hammock will provide you with a more relaxing body position, so if you would prefer to lay down while getting traction grab a neck hammock.  Since the neck hammock doesn’t apply any pressure to the jaw and chin, those folks with TMJ or other jaw issues should think about grabbing a hammock instead of a posture pump.


We hope the information above helped you make your decision on whether to choose a neck hammock vs a posture pump for your neck traction needs.