Lasers In Radar Detectors

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Lasers in radar detectors work by firing pure light energy at your vehicle, then it measures just how quickly that light energy returns. What this means is that Laser Speed Guns are more accurate and they are faster than radar versions.

Although, they also need to be held completely still in order to work properly. What this usually means is that they are mounted on tripods or on something similar, and this makes them less mobile and harder to utilize than the Radar speed guns.

A detector that is set up for lasers will detect that energy in and around the vehicle’s general area, alerting you once it detects it.

Is it Illegal to Have a Radar Detector?

It is possible that every single one of the 50 states in the United States have different rules when it comes to Radar detectors, so it pays to double check the rules both in your state and also any neighboring states that you may be driving through.

Generally speaking, radar detectors are only outrightly banned in two places in the US and that is in the state of Virginia and in the District of Columbia (Washington DC).

In addition, they are also banned for use in large trucks in the states of New York and Illinois, and there is a Federal (that is, nationwide) ban on their use in any commercial vehicle. No matter where you are, you should not use a Radar detector in a commercial vehicle.

Do not be tempted to use it in any prohibited vehicle and/or state where you might assume that you will never get caught. The police are very well able to detect their use, so, it is best of you do not risk it. Even with models that tell you that they have stealth modes or protection from detection may not be 100 percent accurate, and making use of them where you are not supposed to can lead to some serious legal issues and everything from fines driving bans and even jail time.