How Radar Detectors Work

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So, if you happened to read our list of best detectors on the market, you sure must have familiarized yourself with a few of the products we listed. We talked about the cos and some other features that are important, but there is one question that you possibly ask yourself and that is how do these things work?

It is quite easy, although, it is a bit different for radar and laser detection.  How do radar detectors work?

Radar detection

It is easy to think of a radar speed detector as a flashlight. As it shines its light onto your car, the car becomes luminated. If you are holding the flashlight, you can see the car. The further away it is the less light that will bounce off the car and back into your eyes.

A radar speed gun fires some kind of pulse of microwave energy at the car instead of light. Some of that pulse of energy bounces back from the car and it is received by the Radar speed gun. And this depends on how much energy and how fast it comes back, the Radar speed  gun can calculate the speed of the car moving.

Radar detectors on the other hand are fitted with sensors that can detect these microwaves. They will ping you with a noise and, depending on the features that come with the detector, can point you in the direction the microwave pulse is coming from.

Another thing that you should k now is that these pulses of energy can work across different frequencies. That is why in our list, we mentioned this, and point out the detectors that do well to work across different frequencies.

To get the best radar detector, you will make sure to do some good research on the one you need to buy. But, we have made it easy for you as you can simply go through our list to help guide you on choosing just the right one for you.