How Far Can A Police Radar Detect Your Speed?

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If you own a radar detector and you drive a ton, you might begin to wonder how far away can a police radar detect your speed?  This is crucial if you’re driving on long highways or freeways that have a ton of open space.

The smaller your vehicle the better.  Because both the Radar and Laser devices work by firing energy (they do these in the form of microwaves or light) at your car to tell the speed, the bigger the target, the larger the bounce back of the signal to the police radar gun will be.

So, a big target like a truck can be speed checked from up to a mile away, actually, it can be detected beyond the field of vision of a human being. So, if you are a truck driver, you may be speed checked by a cop you cannot even see.

A smaller target like a sports car has to be much closer, like about 500 feet maximum distance.

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