Choosing A TENS Unit For Ultrasound Therapy

Before you start looking around to buy any TENS unit, it would be better if you gave some thought to just what you require from the unit.  this is asides from the obvious which is relieving you from pain. Do not just pick the first one that jumps at you.  Choosing a tens unit for ultrasound therapy should be done with the following things in mind.

What Do You Need Your Machine to DO?

Some people might want their device to have the ability to be recharged. Many others will put a priority on how many areas they can treat at the same time.

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What to do, the best option, is to write down just what it is you want from the unit. Put these in a list and you should order them by importance.

If you still are not sure about what it is you need, you could try talking to your doctor or a physical therapist and seek their advice. They should do well to point you in the right direction.

Set a Budget and Draw Up a Shortlist

Before you start searching through online stores like Walmart, Amazon, and Target, you would need to set a maximum budget and stick to that budget. Doing this will help you narrow down your search. And if you fail to do this, you could spend a disproportionate amount of time looking at machines that you know you are not able to buy.

What you can do is to put together a shortlist of at least about 5 machines. These machines should be within your budget and they should fit the criteria you set in the first step above.

Narrow it Down to 2 or 3 Units

Now, here, you can cull the herd, trimming your list to about 2 0r 3 machines. You may also like to consider the following when you are analyzing a machine’s suitability:

  • Feature set
  • Consumer ratings.
  • Value for money.