Buying The Best Manual Log Splitters

Just like with most other types of log splitters, there are almost countless companies that make manual log splitters. When buying the best manual log splitter, You must know the different kinds so that you make sure that you get the best one.

Types of Manual Log Splitter

In your search for the best manual log splitters, the first thing that you will need to decide on is the type of manual log splitter that you would need to buy seeing as there are several types in the market. Each of these types of log splitters is suitable for different kinds of situations and users, so, you would need to know what works for you and what does not; I guess you only need to know which one works best.

Some of the most used types of log splitters are the hydraulic, splitting axe, slide hammer, and the kindle splitter.

  • Hydraulic Manual Log Splitter: The hydraulic log splitters are one of the most common types of manual log splitters in the market, and they are also what many homeowners prefer to use. As their name suggests, they use hydraulics to make splitting wood a lot easier and to also supply a huge amount of driving force.
  • Splitting Axe: A splitting axe is the best manual log splitter, that is if you want something that splits the wood without having to cut the fibers of the wood apart. Unlike the traditional splitting axe, the modern one is a lot more lightweight and it is easier to handle, and this is all thanks to the fiberglass handle
  • Slide Hammer: If you would rather split wood the old fashion way or get some workout while you do, then the slide hammer is your best choice for a manual log splitter. The slide hammer will consist of a long metal shaft that has an attachment point on one end and they work by driving their sharp wedge straight down into the log.