The Woofer Surround And Sensitivity

When we talk about the subwoofer’s surround, there are a few materials that are used, but the best subwoofers are always some kind of rubber. And this is so because the surround’s purpose is usually to reduce resonant vibrations that could distort the quality of the sound that is made. Lesser materials that are used … Read more

What Is A Shallow Mount Subwoofer?

Subwoofers that give the conventional Big Bass sound but are only designed to fit in small places. Lots of work and design have been put into the creation of this subs for motor vehicle subwoofer, and each sub is made according to their specialty. The major idea behind the making of these shallow subs are … Read more

Buying A Shallow Mount Subwoofer

When buying a shallow mount subwoofer, the power rating of is vital. It’s much more important for subwoofers than it is for tweeters and mids. And this is so because a subwoofer is a much larger speaker but with a larger cone. As such, subwoofers usually require more power so they can flex their cone … Read more

Going To Get A Subwoofer?

Here are a few, simple points that you need to keep in mind whole you go subwoofer shopping. The Size Factor The size of the subwoofer is one major factor that tells the sound output from it. A larger size woofer typically shows that the product gives a greater amount of bass. The space that … Read more